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Why we use Essential Oils in our Scented Candles

Why we use Essential Oils to add fragrance to our hand poured, natural soy wax candles
ElsieandTom Essential Oil Candles

At ElsieandTom we have a passion for essential oils and natural creamy soy wax which looks great, burns well and has a subtle scent throw.

We have developed our luxury scented candle products to burn without leaving sooty remnants in the wax or around the edge of the glass. In fact a clean burning soy wax candle is better for you and the environment.

Developing a scented candle with good scent throw, from a natural wax, has taken a lot of research and development. We tested various waxes until we stumbled on the perfect blend of natural vegetable oils. It was also important for our wax to adhere to the edge of the glass containers so you don't get those wet marks.

We do not use paraffin based (mineral oil) waxes which can sometimes be blended with soy wax to improve its scent throw. Our scent throw may be subtle but if you give your candle enough burn time the scent will be gently released for you to enjoy.

We also love spending hours developing and designing new home fragrances with the natural essential oil that we use. We love a good scent that has therapeutic benefits. We take a lot of time creating our very own unique blends using only the finest essential oils we can source from around.

Essential oils are derived from plant based extracts, there is no synthetic fragrance or fragrance oils used in our products. Our essential oils are 100% natural. The aromatherapy effects of our beautiful scent can relax and calm you or energise you when you need that little extra boost to your wellbeing.

Creating That Beautiful Home Fragrance

We appreciate a good home fragrance and have a nose for creating them! We understand the complexities of blending fragrances that form base, mid and high notes in a fragrance. Our scent blends compliment each other and are combined to enhance their therapeutic properties. We do claim that our essential candles have health benefits, but we do believe in the power of aromatherapy.

Get The Most Out of Our Scented Candles

We provide a solid metal lid with all our scented candles. This preserves the essential oils in the candle and we recommend you retain and use our lids to snuff out the candle. Do not blow out your candle. The lids also stop unwanted dust from getting into the natural vegetable wax leaving the surface of your candle always looking great.

To release the scent of the essential oils in your candle, we recommend that you burn the candle for a minimum of 2-3 hours which should also give you an even melt pool. Burning your candle until the melt pool reaches the edges of your container will keep the surface of your candle in good condition.

Some of our favourite essential oils are: Bergmot, Sandalwood, Cedarwood, Lavendar, Ylang Ylang and Vetiver which can create earthy, organic scents perfect for relaxing and calming the mind. Orange, Lime, Basil and Mandarin work well for invigorating the senses.

Relaxing Candles

Our Relaxing Embrace Scented Candle is a blend of Geranium, Bergamot, Patchouli, and Lavender essential oils. Patchouli oil has a sweet strong scent with earthy- musk overtones, used as a base note in this essential oil candle it combines well with Geranium which has been used since Ancient Egyptian times as a beautifying agent. The scent throw of Geranium, Patchouli, Lavender and Bergamot can support calming and grounding emotions, reducing stress and calming nerves. Both Lavender and Bergamot are known to help sleep.

Time to Unwind is another signature scented candle and is a blend of Bergamot and Sandlewood essential oils. It is a wonderful fragrance of deep, woody scents with rich and sweet, floral aromas. Sandlewood which is the base note in this fragrance has been used for generations in iconic perfumes and colognes. When blended with Bergamot this unique Elsie&Tom Essential Oil Candle is not only a beautiful home fragrance, but it also instils calm to relieve stress and bring a sense of calm to your home.

Energising Candle Aromas

Our Energising Oasis Scented candle is fresh and zesty and in fact we are thinking of renaming this one to Mediterranean Citrus as it is light and breazy and full of the lofty skys and warm days of summer. Lavender, Lime and Mandarin Essential Oils bring a delight to your senses whilst energising your mood.

Bergamot is one of several perfumed herbs of the genus Monarda and is a member of the mint family (Lamiaceae) or the fruit of the bergamot orange (Citrus ×aurantium). The bergamot herbs and the bergamot orange have a similar floral fragrance and have been used for centures to add flavour to tea ( Earl Grey) and fragrance to perfumes. We love Bergamot so much that we leave it alone, choosing to allow the bitter-sweet fragrance to play wonders with your senses. Fresh and fruity this essential oil is wonderful at lifting the spirit.

If you like to cosy up your living room or your bedroom then our Oriental Orange Scented Candle is the one for you.

We are always blending new home fragrances and new products are soon to come to our ElsieandTom shop. Should you want to speak to us about one of our aromatherapy candles please get in contact. We would be delighted to help you choose the perfect luxury candle for your home and more importantly for you.


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