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There’s just no better way to share what we do and how we do it than to let our customers tell you in their own words what they think of our luxury scented candles blended with essential oils. Have a look below at some of the customer reviews and testimonials of elsieandtom.


Dear Sir or Madam,

I am emailing you to congratulate you on your Elsie and Tom Lavender and Mint Candle that my sister brought me recently. She had it as a birthday present and thought I would like it. I am 72 years old and because of health problems I have to be careful about things but your candle looked so inviting I had to light it.


The only problem was that our 12 year old granddaughter Alicia, who was here at the time, took a shine to it as well and asked if she could have it by her side while she did some homework. Then when she had finished she wanted to take the rest of the candle home with her because it smelled so Fandabidozi. (She loves watching The Krankies on Youtube). And said her house and bedroom would smell really awesome!


I tried to stop her but it ended up in tantrums and tears. (And most of them were mine!) I ended up having your candle for a few minutes.. Thank you very much for your absolutely fantastic candle . I only experienced it for a short time but it was well worth it. Keep up the good work. 

Stuart Cooper - Staffordshire



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